Signature Face Mask - Clara Piquet
  • Signature Face Mask - Clara Piquet

    • 1st Layer: polyester (front)
    • 2nd Layer: Cotton & Polyster (back)
    • 3rd Layer (inside): Filter
    • Extra: Nose adjustable
    • Mask made in Brazil
    • Printed Fabric from Clara Piquet's Paiting (Terra Brasilis Collection)


    • About Clara Piquet

      Originated from Minas Gerais-Brazil, Clara Piquet completed her university education in São Paulo, attended "Design and Fine Arts Degree".


      In 1995, she began a series of paintings of the Brazilian People, focusing her work on Body Painting and Feather Art. In March 2000, officially attended the celebrations of the V Centennial of the Discovery of Brazil with five exhibitions in the Federal Capital and displayed until December 2001, bearing witness to this cultural wealth, which is a heritage that should be respected and valued. 

      Centering her theme in the Man / Nature, Clara Piquet believes she has found the way to perfect her art, an inexhaustible source of pleasure!